It was in 1821 that the legendary Swiss sportswear brand nabholz began. Many generations of experienced textile engineers and clothing designers created a wonderful foundation for a unique brand.

nabholz, est. 1821 in Switzerland, started from a textile factory and in the 20th century evolved and grew to be an internationally renowned sportswear brand. A highlight during this time were the Olympic Games in Mexico in 1968, where nabholz provided the outfits of 11 nations including the American Bob Beamon, who jumped his world record.

By following its almost 200 years of tradition and heritage of high Swiss quality, yet using unique and innovative fabrics and accessories, nabholz creates a clean, reduced and sophisticated collection, a collection for living legends.

"We create high quality fashion with a clean and urban style for men and women who treasure a nonchalant, sportive and timeless elegance" says Andreas Caduff, CEO of nabholz.

Caduff states further: "nabholz sets the focus on premium & elegant sportswear for men and women by combining function with fashion. The aim is to establish nabholz as a premium sportswear brand in the international fashion area authentically following its swiss sportswear heritage and its tradition of keeping its production in europe."